About Media Metro

High Impact Billboards in PNG

Media Metro in Papua New Guinea is a company driven in maintaining its position as the largest outdoor billboard and OOH media business in the country.

Media Metro has a team of executives from New Zealand and Papua New Guinea that are injecting the necessary knowledge and expertise to deliver on this vision. We are immensely proud to be delivering world class quality billboard structures across PNG giving advertisers access to state of the art, modern, large impact outdoor billboards.

Media Metro in PNG are on the move, and we are rolling out large spectacular outdoor billboards across Papua New Guinea. Make contact with us, and let’s work together.


Why Choose Media Metro

5 Reasons for PNG clients to invest in Outdoor Advertising

Big Impact Huge Audience

Given the size, scale, quality and locations of our sites, there will be no better advertising medium in PNG that can effectively promote your brand to ensure it is positioned and recognized as the leader in your industry.

High Spec Engineering

All our structures are designed by creatives to enhance our clients brand identity and then they are structurally engineered to ensure that they will stand the text of time and mother nature.

Media Effectiveness

Media fragmentation is increasing the costs of reaching the PNG consumers. In this regard Media Metro’s outdoor network will provide a true world-class platform for advertisers to improve their advertising reach and effectiveness.


Improvements in PNG internet and the growing uptake of smart phones is enabling consumers to have more participation with advertisers and their messages. This technology development is providing a broad range of opportunities for advertisers to engage back with them to create richer and deeper relationships.

World Class Outdoor Assets

The level of investment from Media Metro will dramatically improve the quality of the billboard structures in PNG. This will immediately enhance and support the brand image of those advertisers that take advantage of the benefits in marketing via these world-class structures.


Amplify your brand with
high impact outdoor billboards

High impact stylish outdoor billboard locations.

We lease land and buildings by entering into long term partnerships with our landowner stakeholders. Our team then work with creatives and engineers, to design and construct beautiful outdoor billboards perfect for each site location. We then assist marketers to create creative and innovative advertising campaigns, reaching the maximum number of potential customers in a cost efficient manner.

Brand and client partnerships

Media Metro takes great pride in hand picking strategically located sites that will ensure it constructs a significant network of high impact stylish outdoor billboard locations for its advertisers. Our motivation is to strive to remain well ahead of the curve and lead the market within our industry. We understand that this too is a common goal of our client partners, looking for every advantage that they can secure in this competitive business landscape.

Customer Solutions

IT’s AS EASY as 1, 2, 3, 4


Our sales team offer new and unique opportunities for clients to create outdoor advertising campaigns across a network of sites and locations that vary in size, format and design.


Advertisers can select the one-off exclusive, premium and targeted site location or they may choose to go with a multi-site, high impact wider reaching campaign strategy.


Media Metro maximize the effectiveness of the sites with powerful lighting to further enhance the impact and extend the performance of the branded advertising.


Our billboards are fully maintained, free of graffiti and damage, to ensure that our clients and their brands are presented exactly in line with the creative brief to always meet the campaign expectations.

Contact us

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